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This is a summary from a recent interview on Focus On the Family. 

     If you are a deaf person in the U.S., you probably went to school and can read and write English; you can probably read lips in English; and you probably know sign language (ASL).

     BUT your hearing parents (90% of deaf have hearing moms & dads) do not know enough sign language to have a conversation with you (only about 8% of hearing parents learn enough to do that).

     IF you are a deaf boy – how are you going to learn to be a man?  Less than 2% of dads learn to communicate in signs.

     Who will tell you about Jesus?  It is not very likely that anyone in your family can explain it to you.  That is why only about 2% of the 25 million deaf in the U.S. have accepted Christ.

     Can you imagine what it is like here in Guatemala?  Here only about 1 out of 33 deaf receive any education?  I have not met many parents of deaf as of yet, but have not heard of any that can sign.  I have seen a few deaf interact with their parents and grandparents.  It is only lip reading and the deaf trying to speak a language they can not hear.  

Please help us in our efforts to change these statistics.



    Roy & Myra Price have been working with the deaf in Latin countries since 2000. Now they are heading up our full time operations in Central America from our office in Guatemala.


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