27 Days & counting


   We are experiencing the pressure building daily as the departure date is coming at us like a freight train. smile. My best friend, Ray Taylor, helped enormously when he brought his trailer a couple of days ago and hauled some of my 'treasures' (now called junk) out of the garage. Trying to move is when I always regret being a pack rat. Every other thing I picked up, you could hear me saying, "oh wow, I wondered what happened to that.  Oh, well, just let go of it, Roy." smile.
   It is getting to the point where I am going to have to rent a storage room to put the boxes (we hope to raise the money {about $2000} for movers to ship to us in January when we get our own place) and plastic tubs (we plan to load in our minivan and drive back to Guatemala {about 3,000 miles}. We hope to cross the Texas/Mex boarder on Christmas day, to pay less taxes).

   PRAY: for our packing to go smoothly; for our "stuff" to sell faster; for our fundraising to be more successful;
Luvs & Hugs to all. May God Bless.  Roy & Myra Price  


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    Roy & Myra Price have been working with the deaf in Latin countries since 2000. Now they are heading up our full time operations in Central America from our office in Guatemala.


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