[Among the other Staff that we need in our office in Guatemala is a Technical Guru. But for now there is only me. This is the best I can do at the moment. I hope it comes out readable and understandable.]  
     I want to tell you the story of taking our two language teachers to a school for handicapped children. [one is teaching us Spanish and the other is teaching us Guatemalan Sign Language]. The trip touched each of their hearts so much that they each made verbal commitments to continue working for our ministry to help the deaf.  We and the school staff all shed our share of tears at what we can do together to help the deaf of this Mayan village high up on the side of a giant volcano.
     But first they have their work cut out for them trying to teach us their languages. smile.
     I have tried to put some photos into this blog and it just isn't working for me. So I am sending a PDF file to our Supporters. If you would like to receive the whole story with photos - send me an email request to
     We are trying hard not to become involved in anything until we at least get a couple of months of training in these languages.  We seem to manage to get by, but that is not good enough.  It is only respectful to be fluent in the language of the families we are trying to help.  That means after we gain some proficiency in these two languages, we will start on one of the major dialects of Mayan (there are 26 different dialects in Guatemala alone).
     Please request the full story.



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    Roy & Myra Price have been working with the deaf in Latin countries since 2000. Now they are heading up our full time operations in Central America from our office in Guatemala.


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